Two misconceptions about candle-making

Candle-making is a popular craft that more and more people are taking an interest in. Here are some oft-repeated misconceptions about this fun activity.

Making candles is a hazardous process that younger people should not attempt

One myth about candle-making is that the required supplies and the way in which they need to be used are hazardous and this hobby should not, therefore, be taken up by younger people. This myth originates from the fact that candle-making involves using a double-boiler to heat up the water and the candle wax, and then pouring this warm wax into candle moulds, and because it involves the use of potent fragrance oils, which must be handled carefully to ensure they don't splash into the person's eyes or dry on their skin.

Whilst it's true that very young children who are interested in making candles do need to be supervised (as they would whilst doing any activity involving heat sources and scented chemicals), candle-making is just as safe as other everyday activities, such as baking, and if a person is old enough to do the latter responsibly, then they should have no trouble doing the former in a responsible manner, either.

Furthermore, there are plenty of simple precautions that new young candle-makers can take to do this hobby safely. They can, for example, wear heat-proof silicone gloves whilst handling the double-boiler to ensure they don't spill hot water or wax on their hands and they can wear goggles to protect their eyes when they're pouring the fragrance oils.

You need to be well off to afford all of the candle-making supplies that this activity requires

A second misconception about this hobby is that you have to be well-off to afford the supplies it requires you to use. The truth is that although like any craft activity, there are a few upfront costs involved, you will only have to buy some of the supplies once and the other supplies every few months (depending on how prolific a candle-maker you end up becoming).

For example, if you take good care of the double-boiler and thermometer you buy, you should not have to replace these items for years (if ever). Likewise, candle moulds can be used again and again without degrading. Wicks are also cheap and you can easily purchase dozens of them for a few dollars. Whilst you'll need to buy wax semi-regularly, there are plenty of cheap varieties that you can purchase during periods when you have very little to spend on this hobby.

If you need candle-making supplies, reach out to a local crafts and hobby store.