Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Fragrance Oils for Scented Candles

While candles have traditionally been simple illuminants for brightening dark spaces, they are a little bit more than that today. Modern-day candles are used as decorations and for relaxation purposes. It might explain why scented candles have become popular in homes and commercial spaces. Notably, making scented candles requires fragrance oils that you can find in local supply stores. However, it does not mean that using fragrance oils to make scented candles is straightforward. It is not, and choosing the wrong scent will leave your room filled with an unappealing aroma. This article highlights essential considerations when selecting candle fragrances.

Space — Whether you will be using candles outside or inside the house, you must think about the space when choosing fragrance oil. For instance, you might be tempted to buy a fragrance with a strong aroma for candles you intend to use in a bedroom. However, it would be a bad idea because strong-scented candles can keep you awake all night. On the other hand, choosing a mild scent for candles you plan to use on a porch in the open would make little sense. Thus, space plays an integral role when selecting a fragrance oil. If you ignore the aspect, you might waste your money on fragrance oils that do not match the needs of the space in question.

Application — What do you want to achieve with scented candles? Do you want to mask strong odours coming from the bathroom or outside? Do you want to use candles for relaxation purposes? The type of fragrance you select determines a candle's effectiveness. For instance, if you want to mask strong odours, you might want to choose woody, fruity or coffee scents. Notably, they do a pretty good job of distracting your senses from overwhelming foul odours. However, if the goal is to achieve a relaxing feeling in your bedroom or bathroom, calming fragrances such as lavender, lemon, peppermint or rosemary, are excellent choices.

Fragrance Type — Fragrance oils are typically classified into standard and natural scents. Standard scents are the most common in candle-making projects because of their unrivalled throw. It means the smell of a standard fragrance can reach very far, making the fragrance the best choice for large spaces. Moreover, the options for standard fragrances are limitless, which is an advantage if you want to create a signature scent. On the other hand, natural fragrances are less common in candle-making since they are hard to find. The reason is that natural fragrance oils are extracted directly from natural sources, making them a bit expensive.

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